100th TAVR Procedure Celebration at CoxHealth with Dr. Rowe

Dr. Rowe and the CoxHealth Medical Team celebrated their 100th successful TAVR procedure with patients on May 24, 2017.

Friends, family, and members of the nursing and hospital staff were in attendance to commemorate the incredible team achievement.  The facility reserved for the celebration was at capacity, with people standing in the back and hallways.  Edwards LifeSciences, manufacturer of the Sapien 3 transcatheter heart valve many of the patients received, was in attendance as well.

As patients and family members shared their experiences, it was clear how significantly their lives were impacted by the procedure.  Joyce Barrett, daughter of Elston Rupert, said “Our family would like to thank the team for the wonderful surgery. Our father is going strong at 91 years.”

Gene Waite expressed gratitude for the entire CoxHealth team, “I was blessed when Dr. Rowe discovered my problem after an echo. I was getting weaker by the day until the surgery. Following the surgery my energy returned [in] less than three weeks I was back volunteering at the hospital pushing beds, making beds and transporting patients. My family is grateful to Dr. Rowe and his associates, and Catherine in her personal support. I thank each of them, my family’s support, and my God for giving me several years to live and help others.”

All in all the event was a tremendous success, and further proof that minimally invasive cardiac surgery (aortic valve replacement in particular) is improving the quality of life, and providing faster recovery times for patients.


Written by Charlie Kelly